The Lady Kang

The Lady Kang
Stock: Human
Class: Paladin
Level: 1

Will: 5
Health: 3
Skills: Orator 4, Rider 4, Fighter 3, Pathfinder 3, Ritualist 2, Theologian 2, Survivalist 2
Trait: Feared in Hell

Alignment: Lawful
Raiment: Dresses like a strider, swears like a sailor, speaks like a preacher, fights like a demon
Age: 16

Weapon: Sword
Armor: Leather armor and helmet

Home: Busy Crossroads
Trait: Foolhardy x2

Wise: Chapter-and-verse-wise

Nature: 4 (Boastful, Listens to wisdom, No fear!)

Circles: 4
Friend: Old Man MacMuräc (crazy old prospector and Laborer)
Parents: Dead (Bracelet of tiny shells, 1D worth of treasure)
Mentor: Hexekiah Zane the Witch-Hunter (grim, one-eyed Survivalist)
Enemy: Edmund Trask the Horsebreaker (Drunken, good-for-nothing Chaos Rider)

Resources: 0

Adventuring Gear: Cloak, shoes, satchel, waterskin, holy symbol, stacks and mallet, mirror, lantern, flask of oil

Belief: I shall shine bright / a light to show the way / to curse the dark / and those dark things that prey.
Instinct: Always convert the masses to the cause of Law and Light.