The Legacy of the Wheel

My 5-year-old son, just now: “Dad… is that the Burning Wheel???”

… Either the turning of the wheel transcends generations, or I just talk about this game too much. Either way, I’ll take it as an omen of the game’s longevity in this house!



(Body seems unclear. Is it a complete sentence?)


Sorry, I just meant I’m taking his startling and unexpected question as a good omen! I had no idea he knew what the symbol on this shirt stood for.

Oh, no no. The forums automated features felt my enthusiasm was too incoherent and gave me the parenthetical message. I stated the sentence back to it to trick it into thinking I was of sound mind.

Your post was solid.

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Might want to start them out with Mouseguard or just take the plunge and go straight to Burning Empires.

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He’s a big fan of the Economics rules in Torchbearer, so we might start there.


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