The Long March North

The Holy Shriah declared there would be a holy war against Kian in the south and the armies of the faithful nations assembled. A trio from the Mandate, a sorcerous order, discovered there was a cabal of evil sorcerers in the ruins of the apocalyptic north bent on ending the world and that these sorcerers were manipulating events around the holy war.

The three, a powerful sorceress, a sorcerer prince and their outlaw bodyguard convinced the assembled bickering faithful kings and queens that the true war was to the north. She used the divine sight of her daughter to see the enemy agents.

This earned them a deeds point each.

The war to the north will be a very different beast than the war in the south. There are feral orcs, they would typically retreat back until they have enough numbers to try an attack. The distance is vast. Cynaes the bodyguard has been invited to the strategy table.

The beliefs of the three characters:

Prince Prous:
My sister, Miramis, princess and general of the holy war, is more than worthy to wear my crown, but I will prove myself and make her accept that I am the rightful successor.
Sorcery is my birthright and I will master it to serve Conriya’s future.
Belief 3: TBA
Special Belief Noblesse Oblige: I govern from duty, heritage and right.

Outlaw bodyguard Cynaes:
This war is an opportunity. I will make myself famous as a soldier.
Prous may be my future King. I’ll push him into battle so I see what kind of man I’m working with.
I was outlawed for a crime that would have seen a noble boy flogged at most. Once I have some power I will do some levelling.

Sorceress Dulcia
I now have proof that the existence of the Consult (world ending wizards) is true. I will exploit this to further myself and my daughter, Mymara, within the Mandate.
Signs point to Cynaes’ being important to the Mandate in the upcoming battle. I will prioritise protecting him from sorcery.
Eleazara, head of a rival school, showed how sorcerers can wield power. I will gain Prous’ favour and confidence by training him and Mymara hard on our journey north. We will need them in the coming battle.

So we’ve got a rivals within the army, Miramis, princess and military strategist, Eleazara the evil sorceress, she’s envious of the Mandate’s special form of sorcery. I don’t know how the military logistics will work but I need to focus on the beliefs. So for planning the session, is the war just a backdrop, are the details important? Prous should be stretched between competing attention sinks, his sorcerous training, competing with his sister and being pushed to the front… If I used Strategy tests (which no-one has) to do a whole battle what can I say for failure? You lose 1/10th, you lose 1/4? You are separated from the army? Supplies are gone?

I could plan places they’ll go to highlight a particular conflict but never actually put the destination (the evil world ending wizards) at stake. There’s conflict there but am I just being clouded by my big picture when there aren’t beliefs specifically about that?

I need to reset my brain here and come up with focussed conflict for the next session.

Why does anyone want to destroy the world? I’ve got stuff in mind it’s not just for the sake of doing evil.

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Most people who want to destroy the world believe they are righteous, pure and good.

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Wyatt Earp:
What makes a man like Ringo, Doc? What makes him do the things he does?

Doc Holliday:
A man like Ringo has got a great big hole, right in the middle of himself. And he can never kill enough, or steal enough, or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.

Wyatt Earp:
What does he want?

Doc Holliday:

Wyatt Earp:
For what?

Doc Holliday:
Bein’ born.

Sometimes that’s ^ fun too though!


These sorcerors had a vision: a barren planet where life could never again set root. Through patient research, they identified the cause of this cataclysm: sometime in the next few years, a human wizard will set loose a terrible magic beyond their control. With no way to know which huiman would bring this prophecy about, the sorcerers decide they must eradicate them all. They hope to destroy the world so that it may regrow a thousand years after their death, rather than being lost forever.


These sorcerers are damned. Condemned to hell when they die. Unless they can perform a ritual to close the world off from the gods so that death is oblivion. The complication is that the ritual won’t work while there are more than 144,000 souls in the world. The gods view the world as a pantry of sin, they want everyone condemned to hell for the eternal feast. The sorcerers plan to first turn off the divine miracle of birth, they are already corpse bound slaves to the power of death, then, when the world is empty enough, perform the world closing ritual and free the world from the tyranny of the gods and religion, humanity has a fresh start.

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Cool! These guys sound like jerks. I’m rooting for the PCs on this one.

Winning battles seems like a good way for the prince to prove himself. And the bodyguard does want to gain fame as a soldier; fighting battles would likely help there to.


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