The Mouse Guard Movie Is Officially Dead

The Mouse Guard Movie Is Officially Dead

It’s honestly so sad because if you look at the Demo Footage they’d created, it definitely had the potential to be amazing.


I’ll be honest with you; being someone who actually wanted to see this, I’m glad it didn’t pull through after seeing the footage.

It might sound harsh, but the animation style they’ve chosen feels like a lazy decision. While it is skilled work, the focus on “live action” kinetics feels distracting. It doesn’t harken to the visual style of the comics.

Mouse Guard always felt grounded, which is why it works as an iteration of the Burning Wheel. So why do we have free-running, flippy rodents?

Not to disparage, someone else might feel the inspiration to take it back up again, but I think that the final product wouldn’t have been worth the wait. And I can live in a world where my favorite things never get a movie…


I shall continue to mourn for my Idris Elba Celenawe.