The Muck Crab Family

I’m working on a little adventure set in a swamp, and made these guys to populate it. Thoughts? Is having a separate monster definition for each type too mechanically complex?

I considered having ‘Twist: gain the trait Host Body’ as an option for the Juveniles special, but that seemed potentially out of line with how traits should work.

The color of muddy stones, the Muck Crabs are easily missed in their natural environment. They grow naturally to the size of wagon wheels, though the Muck Crab Queens – rulers of a nest – grow much larger. Muck crabs hide in shallow water, waiting in ambush, or dig pit traps for their prey.

Muck Crab
Might: 1 Nature: 3
Clicking, Scuttling, Hiding under water
Kill: 6 (Scuttle, +1D Maneuver | Defend, +2D Retract into shell)
Flee: 4 (Scuttle, +1D Maneuver | Camouflage, +1D Feint )
Drive off: 9 (Razor Claws, +1D Attack | Retract into shell, +2D Defend)
Armor: Shell (equivalent to plate)
Instinct: Hunt for food and protect the nest
Special: Black pearls. After a successful conflict, roll 1d6 per Muck Crab killed. On a 6, if the players open the crab they will find a black pearl (value 2D, pack 1).

Juvenile Muck Crab
Might: 1 Nature: 2
Hiding, Scuttling, Feeding
Kill: 4 (Face hug, +1D Feint | Scuttle, +1D Maneuver)
Flee: 6 (Face hug, +1D Feint | Scuttle, +1D Maneuver)
Drive off: 2 (Face hug, +1D Feint | Scuttle, +1D Maneuver)
Armor: -
Instinct: Feed on a living host
Special: Host. A successful Feint with the Face Hug weapon immediately reduces the Juvenile Muck Crab’s HP to zero. At the conclusion of the conflict, the target of the Feint must make a Health test with an obstacle of the HP lost by the Juvenile Muck Crab. Suggested failure: Condition (sick), or Twist: Host. Food and drink has no effect until you are cured.

Muck Crab Queen
Might: 3 Nature: 5
Scuttling, Feeding, Birthing
Kill: 9 (Defend, +2D Retract into shell | Spray black slime, Attack: +1D, vs except against bows & crossbows)
Flee: 4 (Scuttle, +1D Maneuver | Spray black slime, Attack: +1D, vs except against bows & crossbows )
Drive off: 12 (Retract into shell, +2D Defend | Spray black slime, Attack: +1D, vs except against bows & crossbows)
Armor: Shell (equivalent to plate)
Instinct: Protect her children
Special Knock-out: Scream of pain. If the Queen is knocked out of the fight, 1d6 Juvenile Muck Crabs join the fight at 1 HP each.

I love monstrous mini-ecologies!