The Palace

The Palace
You were raised in or around the court and have experienced palace life, for good or for ill. Also note the town where the palace is located.

Skills: Scholar, Manipulator, Persuader
Traits: Bastard, Extravagant

Available Locations
Banquet Hall (Tavern)
The Dungeons (Street)
• 2-3: Cold and damp: You become sick.
• 4-6: Sleep no more!: You become exhausted.
• 7-8: Dirty, filthy: Increase factor of all Circles tests until clothing replaced.
• 9 Slop time: Recover from Hungry/Thirsty.
• 10 Alone in the darkness: You become afraid.
• 11-12 What is the meaning of this? You become angry.

The Rookery (Stables)
Common room (Flophouse)
Private room (Inn)
Royal suite (Hotel)
Royal temple (Shrine): +1D to any Ritualist test. Add 1 to lifestyle.
Library: +1D to any test involving Scholar, Theologian or Lore Master. Add 1 to lifestyle.
Laboratory: +1D to any Alchemist or Healer test. Add 1 to lifestyle.
Barracks: Palace-born may train with a fencing instructor or archery master with a skill of Fighter 5. Add 1 to lifestyle.
Whorehouse: Add 1 to lifestyle. Same as Flophouse but gain +1D to all Circles tests while staying here, but become Sick as the result of any failed Health test. May not recover from Exhausted. Ahem.
Guild Hall

Can’t resist violating the core concept of the game…before the game is even published, eh? If you’d like to play Noble Born characters, have you heard of this game “Burning Wheel?”

I just got a Persona point! :smiley: Okay, okay…edited out Noble Born. But tell me of this Burning Wheel. Is it a storygame?