The pernicious 1-player question

I am giving serious thought to running a BE game over VoIP. However, I have but a single player in mind. A few trawls through BWHQ and the net at large reveal some comments about the process*, but seemingly no APs or hard advice. Since this issue last raised its ugly head, have there been advances in the field?

Anecdotes or schoolin’ from those with better search-fu humbly accepted.


*Some of which were so old I had to decode them from Clickwise.

There is a long standing one-on-one BW game.

Hmmmm I can’t thing of any sage advice BE is a littlemore codified.

Would anyone argue that with one player you may want to consider a building scene AND a conflict scene for the players side?

I have no experience with this, but I can tell you that with 5 players in my game I sometimes wish I had fewer so we could blaze through stuff! (But all my players are awesome and I the game wouldn’t be the same without each of them.)

I would limit the GM to the same number of scenes as the player, so if you go with Conflict and Building each Maneuver that’s 8 scenes per phase - most of them very short. I think you could do 3 or more Maneuvers per session! That would rock.

BE isn’t really designed for this. Two players could work, but I think one-on-one isn’t a good bet.

That does seem to be the consensus, doesn’t it. It looks like one-on-one B* game I’m going to run is drifting in a direction other than worms in skulls, so the grand experiment will have to wait.

It is something I’d like to peck away at, seeing as how one player/one GM games are really where my GMing comfort zone lies.


Stretch yourself for BE. It’s worth it.

Or try BW. One-on-one games of BW have gone beautifully in the past, and I’d highly recommend that.

Hmmmm I think it can work.

My main advice is have two books and both people should know the rules!

Push hard and I think you’ll have a really intense game.

I intend to try one quite soon. If it comes out well, I’ll post an actual play and if it comes out poorly, I’ll put up something about it so we can dissect why.

How about the one player makes multiple characters? Wouldn’t that be enough?

Now that? That seems like an interesting idea. Off the top of my head, the only potential problem is that it’s harder for the GM to divide the PC FONs against each other (due to them all being controlled by 1 player), but maybe if you instituted some small tweaks to make 1 player running 3 PC FONs more like the GM running GM FONs, it’d even things up. Hm.