The Petersen Bestiary Volume 2!

What’s this? Why just five more fiends to add to your folio, each lovingly illustrated by the Mouse Master himself, David Petersen:


Awesome! Thanks, guys!

I really like the easily confused frogman. +2D to defend in convince conflicts? I think I know that guy.

I’ve wanted a frogman ever since Dro used them in Dungeoneers and Dragonslayers at Burning Con.

The Cyclops is by far my favourite. That skull necklace is great.

So, I backed NUMENARA, and just got a look at Creature Deck to be published at the end of the month. It looks like a very sweet and practical supplement.

And then it struck me that Torchbearer Monster info can, for the most part, fit on the back of a playing card.

Which would leave the front available for art. I don’t know how much support there is in the TB community for something like that, but I’m a sucker for art. Nothing sells an encounter like a juicy visual, and a consistency across artists gives a real tone to a campaign.

My 2¢ (unless you Kickstart it, in which, my $20+)