The Petersen Bestiary


Just in case you guys didn’t see this elsewhere, BWHQ and David Petersen have prepared a special Thanksgiving surprise for you: The Petersen Bestiary!

Enjoy! And thanks for being awesome.

Simply awesome. Petersen really breathes new life into classics monsters. My personal fave: the Sprikkan. The description – and memories of Froud’s book – have spawned adventure ideals galore.

Please consider this my vote to Kickstart a lavishly illustrated full-sized tome.

I love te Sprikkens , Druxu, and disturbed spirit, im thinking in adding in both campaign and a novel im plaining to write anpvel/short story as ove comented in google +

I have a question about the Owlbear. Does it’s Special section applies every time during a Conflict? Meaning that if the character falls once in the conflict he gets Injured, and when he falls twice during the conflict he ends up Dead, regardless of the outcome of the conflict or the Defend action that the other characters can make?

I just had finished the session with one less character because of this, so I think that I should have a clear idea about this mechanic :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay cool :cool:

Sounds right to me!

Ok… not pulling out an Owlbear again…

Stay cool :cool: