The Psychologist's Touch - What is the purpose?

Ok, I get how the mechanic works (I guess), but I’m just not seeing the purpose. If the Psychologist is successful in feeding his senses and memories into an individual, why is it beneficial for the individual to forget that? Or is it like the individual’s mind is like a security camera in a bank robbery and the Psychologist is the bank robber interrupting the feed with pre-recording scenes of the bank not being robbed?

As you can see, I’m a bit confused by this. And it’s the only part of the chapter that is confusing. The rest is crystal clear and really quite brilliant.

In one example in the graphic novel set, it was used to have a potentially destructive conversation and then have one of the parties in the conversation forget it ever happened, thus salvaging the relationship.

Any more details would constitute a spoiler, but if you want, you can PM me and I’ll tell you exactly what went down.


Well, I’m reading the second graphic novel right now (just finished the first one), so I’m sure I’ll get to that scene. Maybe that will demonstrate to me how a successful roll on the Psychologist’s part in this particular mechanic furthers intent.

In related note, can the Psycologist allow the memory to remain? or does he have to erase it. It seems that the character in the story only erased the memory because Sheva did not want to play ball.

Absolutely. I’m not talking in terms of game mechanics here, but “touching” is basically a leap of faith, when one psychologist abandons all protection, and lets another psychologist enter their mind. Without a direct “wire” into the brain (the spinal chord), one psychologist can protect or shield bits of their mind, even against a powerful opponent. With the touch, there’s no protection at all.


Cool, thanks for responding Chris. BTW, did you see the Bright Mark as painful? with the light and smoke coming form the eyes it looked as if it was a painful thing to have happen.

No, but I used it for visual effect… when a character was straining or emotionally volitile it flared up more than usual. And 99.9% of humanity has a bright mark (don’t recall off-hand if that was made explicit in the book), it only becomes active, with resultant physical scarring, if you develop and practise psychology.


And 99.9% of humanity has a bright mark (don’t recall off-hand if that was made explicit in the book)

No, but that is interesting!! (In fact Very) though it makes sense, when you think about it.

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