The Rot of Hiri Handia: Dungeon Crawl

It’s been a while since I posted a session recap. To be honest not much time lately. So instead I’ll just post interesting events from the game.

Last night was cool cause we did an underdark crawl beneath the city. We crossed beneath the river, into a stalagmite ridden warren with all sorts of dangers. Both players had to pass Difficult Speed tests to cross a murky black pool of water to escape from a predatory giant snake. They had to make Forte tests ob 3 to overcome psychedelic mushroom spores. Difficult Power Tests to move aside huge boulders. Perception tests to assess the right direction within the labyrinth.

So we played the session very much like old d&d and it ran really smoothly.

Random Tables:
As they climbed up out of the cavernous underdark they moved into the ancient ruins of the old Elven city that Hiri Handia was built atop.

Here is where there would be more traffic (still scarce!) and more opportunities to bump into other factions. So I asked the players to give me two encounters that would trigger a fate point. With my contribution of two encounters, that was a d6 die of fate.

Here were our 6 random encounters:

  1. Psychic echo of the Sorcerer King lost. (Sir Ladislav and Aiwendil and trying to save the sorcerer king, believing that he has been hurt somehow)
  2. A messenger from the castle heading out through the undercity.
  3. Covert Psychedelic Mushroom Harvesters.
  4. Dead Roden Cultist.
  5. A delver from Thindan’s (an ally NPC) crew.
  6. Orc Sappers assessing the works of the tower foundations for Sabotage.

We rolled 3, 4, 6, 1.

In 3, the harvesters were harvesting drugs for House Feketes. The players didn’t engage them but instead discovered a price list under a rock.
In 4, the Roden was found in a strange Elven garden ruin where vines were growing abundantly despite the lack of sunlight. He wore a sun symbol. The parties prisoner/guide Roden Regatz had no idea who this strange Roden was.
In 6, the elves sang the Song of Swords dispatching the orcs with a crazy number of successes.
In 7, the Song of Swords, the Elven song reverberated through the tower and the sorcerer king must have heard because he cried out psychically - Elf Song!

So pretty fun session.


Excellent—thank you! I love reading BW dungeon crawls!

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