The Ruin of Rakepaw

Hey yall,

So I started an adventure with three players. A scientist, a hunter, and a warrior. Two of them had a shared enemy in Port Sumac so inevitably there first mission sent them there. After a run in with their enemy in a public space (i.e. the players couldn’t just murder her) they were sent to Wolfepointe. Once there, the players found that the third enemy had essentially started a cult and led five townsmice of to the location of the former den of Rakepaw the mink (depicted in Legends of the Guard) called The Ruin of Rakepaw.

Here’s where it gets crazy. Inside the ruin I had planned for some exploring (Ex OB pathfinder, scout, hunter), with a twist that they chance upon a room full of weasels in the middle of some strange ceremony. However, the party breezed by the exploration so i merely mentioned that as they find the room where the prisoners are held they can here some chanting from somewhere else within the ruin.

The players opt to enter the room and save the prisoners. As they enter the room i ask for a will check (ob 2). Everyone but the scientist passes, so the door slams behind them and the scientist can’t see it anymore. As the scientist examines the place where the door was it reappears and swings open to reveal he is standing on the edge of a cliff (I have him roll will again, pass). Finally he turns around just in time to see Rakepaw himself rising from the far end of the room and swallowing the entire party whole (one more will check, fail). Meanwhile the rest of the group just senses that the temperature in the room has gone down significantly. I give the scientist the condition scared S**tless (aka tired) and let the party know that he starts screaming uncontrollably. So now I can’t explain why the weasels wouldn’t be coming. What does the party do in light of this knowledge? Bunker down and get ready to fight to the death!

Given there conditions and the fact that there were twenty weasels, the party lost. On the plus side the weasels only wanted more prisoners so now they have them (That is the compromise we worked out. The players don’t die and only one received angry, but they are locked in that room)

So now, I’m fishing for ideas of where to go from here. What have you got?


Is it now the players turn? Or still the GM turn?

Oh, So sorry!

It is after the players turn now. They used there checks to try and get rid of some conditions they earned.