The Scent Border

The Scent Border
(We’re going to do somewhat of a Mouse Guard spree of which I am the GM this is my attempt to plan. This one is probably going to be like session 4 or 5 but I still think it may be too hard, and I’m still really new to this… What do you think?)

Ob. 1 Repour the Scent Border.

  1. Ob. 4 Scientist check. Laborer and Scent Border-wise can be used to help.
    P: goto 2
    F: goto 2 (gain Hungry or Tired status).

  2. “A Weasel darts lightning fast past you. A Guard Captain runs up, out of breath, with a gash through his stomach and a now bloody cloak, yells “Stop him!” he falls on his knees and his voice fades “he’s got… the recipe to the scent border… you can’t let him escape with that… he also… has… my son.” And then the he drops unconscious.” goto Ob. 2.

Ob. 2 Track down a Weasel Spy that has just gotten past the scent border with important documents and information on the Scent Border.

  1. Scout vs. Weasel’s Nature of 5.
    P: goto 3
    F: goto 2

  2. “You follow the Weasel Spy, two passing Weasel Soldiers spot you. The Spy darts away as the Soldiers approach.”
    Mouse Nature vs. the Weseals’ Nature of 4+1(5)
    P: “You run until you lose the Soldiers, but you have also lost the trail of the Weseal Spy.” goto 4
    F: Conflict with two Weasel Soldiers than goto 4

  3. "You surround the Weasel. His towering form looms over each of you, but even so he knows that even he could not battle each of you and survive. He pulls out one of his two knifes, and pulls the Mouse to his chest with the knife to his throat and says “Stand back vermon! I escape with the recipe, or the Mouse dies.”
    (This problem has many awnsers, here are the three possible results.)
    End 1. [Let the Mouse die and enter a conflict with the Spy]
    End 2. [Let the Spy escape with the recipe and save the Mouse.]
    End 3. [Get the recipe and and Mouse.]

ex. Try to kill the Weseal with a ranged weapon before he could kill the Mouse.
Ob. 6 Fighter check.
P: End 3. “You hit the Weseal right in the eye socket. It falls to the ground and drops the Mouse”
F: End 1 “The arrow hits him. The Weseal yells in pain and slits the throat of the Mouse, then pulls out his other knife and jumps at you.” (The Spy loses 3 disposition at the start of the fight)

ex. Deceive the Weasel to give both.
Ob. 7 Desceiver check.
P: End 3. Then conflict.
F: End 1.

ex. Attack the Weseal, getting the recipe is more important than the life of a single Mouse.
End 1.

ex. Let him have the recipe, his life is more important.
End 2.

  1. “The Spy can’t be far.”
    Ob. 2 Scout check
    P: goto 3
    F: goto 3 (gain tired status)

If the players fail Ob4 scientist test to repour the border and they get given a condition they should also successfully repour the border. It’s twist or condition, not both.

Other than that it sounds decent. :slight_smile: I’d probably have the weasel spy join the soldiers though and just do the one conflict. I’d also look for something extra for the guard captain who’s hurt, “He’s captured a pair of younglings!” “He’s got the scent border recipe!” (A sure winner is to find something that interacts with a particular player’s belief.)

Thanks, I’ll do that.

How does this mission hit on the characters’ Beliefs and Instincts? Does one of the characters have ranks in scientist or is interested in improving that skill?

Yeah I don’t think I’m very good at this whole GM thing but, maybe you can help.

One character is a Scientest, and that’s his whole thing. The character is a major stoic, and always attempts to do what’s most logical, (kinda like a Spock-ish character.) Belief is about logic being everything. Instinct about science being a good awnser to solve problems (though he doesn’t shy away from a fight or discussion.)

Hmm… Anouther characters belief is never letting a mouse die on her watch…

Maybe I could do the youngling thing… And the old man is like “That’s not all he has got… He has my youngling.” Then when you surround the Spy he holds the youngling to his chest and says “Insolent vermon! Let me pass, or this youngling dies…”

Wouldn’t that challenge the belief on logic, and on never leaving a mouse to die. Letting the youngling die would be logical if it ment getting the recipe…

Or is that all a stupid idea…

Maybe its all right as it is…

Hmm, the thing about this mission is that it’s pretty difficult and maybe a little interesting… But it’s not really character driven…

Choosing between risking the good of the community and the life of one innocent is a great for these two beliefs. Watching old Star Trek reruns might be a good source of inspiration.