The Shoeless Peasant - Playlist

In which Sean and I play BW on twitch in a game based on this tweeted Situation.

More tweeted situations here.

Questions, comments welcome!


@Judd really enjoyed this. I am new to BW, and it’s helpful to see your games in action (followed/subscribed). My playgroup consists of all new tabletop RPG players in a sandbox 5E environment, and I’m trying to wrap that up so that I can move them all over to BW now that they are hooked. :slight_smile:

Do you have any recommendations for other content creators I should check out?

Thank you for the kind words!

I really enjoy everything Adam Koebel does.

I hope the transition from 5E to BW goes well. That is a big leap. How many players?

Okay, yep. He was where I initially got started when I sought out BW content creators. Good stuff.

I’ve been DMing a rotating playgroup with seven mixed experience D&D players for three years now. Some of those casual players are just there to drink beer, laugh, and tell stories with little interest in rules. I am going to pull two of the motivated players into a side group and try to get them into BW. The barrier to entry is making them read the 74-page starter rules, then I am going to run a session zero to introduce multiple adventure hook options to choose from, then burn in characters and go from there.

Do you have any advice for making the transition from D&D to BW? What challenges/pitfalls will the players run into? What challenges/pitfalls will I run into as DM?

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