The Slumbering Storm Giant & Jotunheim Gazetteer

Torchbearer Sagas: The Slumbering Storm Giant & Jotunheim Gazetteer by D. Koch & Thor Olavsrud.

A limited-edition Torchbearer adventure zine and gazetteer supplement.

Campaign dates: Feb 8 - 18, 2022



This looks great.

Will there be international shipping / printing options, do you think?

Also, do please yell when this goes live. I don’t want to miss this!

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Thanks, we’re excited about it and the new stuff we have cooking.

Yes, to international shipping. It is usually around $20 to the UK. Australia and NZ shipping is still on temporary hold for the USPS, but we can ship them when the ban is lifted.

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Just got the go-live email. Very excited to see what you guys put together for this one!

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Yes, the campaign is live now:

@Mark_Watson holla!

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Thanks for that.

And… backed.

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