The USCMC ain't no dungeoneers

Hi all

I’m currently planning a campaign using the USCMC supplement that is centred around a salvage team exploring derelict spaceships… in space.

Given that the dungeoneering skill has been excised from USCMC Torchbearer I was wondering how other ppl handled tests for navigating underground, climbing/swimming, disarming traps etc. Have these been folded into other skills (health/scout/criminal etc.) or are they outside the intended design space of USCMC?

As an aside I’m trying to run this as an old school dungeon crawl with sci fi set dressing. So take that into consideration.

Thanks heaps, look forward to hearing people’s thoughts :slight_smile:

Survivalist for climbing with ropes and harnesses, scout for sneaking around, health for swimming, jumping, running and maybe scavenger for pulling out useful material using tools, criminal for disabling primitive/mechanical hazards and technician for disarming hi-tech countermeasures.

Thanks a lot! That’s super helpful