The Village of Venn

Greetings. After a long hiatus I’ve returned to again contribute to the territories section. With the impending release of the Mouse Guard RPG Box Set, you will find new location information on Flintrust, Grasslake, and Sandmason. Until then please enjoy my previous efforts:


Today’s project comes from the 1108 Mouse Territories Map found at ( ). When cross-referencing the 1108 map to the 1150/1152 maps, one specific location stood out to me and I would like to share it with you now.


Located on the isolated island north of Lillygrove, the village of Venn is considered by many to be just a footnote in the books of lore. Cut off from all but the most adventurous mice, it is an unforgiving and harsh environment sharing many similarities to the settlement of Wolfepointe.

Location / Structure

The holdings of Venn were originally constructed close to the sandy shoreline in an effort to operate a working port for importing and exporting goods. Over time the village was forced to move further inland as weather and nesting snapping turtles took their toll on mousemade structures. The farther away from the shore the village grew, the more isolated they became. Trade with other settlements ceased in the autumn of 1110 and as of autumn 1152 Venn is rumored to have relocated to the island’s center-most point. Though small in size, several of Venn’s buildings incorporate snapping turtle shell and bone as a token of their defiance and tradition since settling on the island.




Venn recognizes no real form of governmental rule and operates more as a socialistic community. With such a small population of mice inhabiting the island, competition for resources is frowned upon and villagers enforce no economic system.

Major Trades

To survive in Venn a mouse must be well versed in any trades essential to survival. Most all inhabitants are at least adequate hunters, and the population includes a few mice devoted to more specific means of production such as brewing, cooking, harvesting, and weaving. Venn also boasts a collection of competent pathfinders, scouts, and survivalists.

Import / Export

Having been cut off from the larger cities and town of the territories, Venn is rarely given the opportunity to import goods. Should an exceptionally adventurous mouse find their way to Venn, villagers are eager to welcome them and trade whatever goods or stories may be at hand.


Though rare that a mouse raised in Venn would find his way to Lockhaven, mice from the village of Venn may select the following during recruitment:

Skills: Hunter, Survivalist

Traits: Independent, Tough

I like it! Good work A Feathered Nocturnal. I must admit I have never seen the 1108 map before today. :frowning: If I may suggest a slight alteration to the skills and traits. Survivalist and tough I feel fits great but I would replace scout and pathfinder for just hunter. Then natural bearings for the independent trait.

Now I just need to figure out how to get my players to visit Vern. :wink:


Noted and edited. Thank you for the feedback.

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