The Wanderers!

They invoke prayers like a cleric, invoking as needed from their list of prayers.

One last question: Are Assassins restricted by their Alignment in their prayer selection as Clerics are? For example, my Assassin is Unaffiliated. Of the six Circle 1 Assassin prayers, two are Unaffiliated and four are Chaos. Does she need to keep the majority of her prayers Unaffiliated? Or is she free to choose Chaos prayers due to her greater restrictions in the selection and prayer slots?

No alignment restriction on their prayers.

thanks. that helps a bunch.

Ok, Jared. I’m back with a few more Assassin questions:

[li]Stilleto: It says that a stilleto can be concealed on the body, but it doesn’t explain how that is done, (as in Throwing Blades being treated as Raiment). Does the stilleto just take up the weapon slot and is assumed to be concealed? Does it take up a torso slot? (“on the body”) Or can it be put anywhere logical? (For example, my assassin has hers in a “hand” slot, hidden in a glove.)
[/li][li]L6 Shadow Initiate: This states that “You may invoke a first circle prayer from your class prayer list.” I’m assuming this means that they can pick from that list when they prepare prayers during camp phase, having the ability to change it depending on anticipated circumstances. However, it kind of reads that they can pick one prayer and prepare that prayer only during camp sessions. (“You may invoke A first circle prayer”, not “You may choose a first circle prayer to prepare”). The L7 and L8 Shadow abilities read in a similar way. (“you may invoke A second circle prayer” and “gain an additional slot to invoke any prayer” (not prayerS))
[/li][li]L7 Deadly Weapons: Lastly, if I take DW at L7, if then take L8 Shadow Adherent, can I only pick from the first circle prayers? Or can I pick from the second circle as well, but only have two slots instead of the three I would have had if I’d taken L7 Shadow Acolyte? (It reads “from your class prayer list” not “from they prayers you are able to invoke”.)
Just seeking elaboration. Thanks for all the help, btw.

  1. Good Idea rule. If the GM says it makes sense, you can conceal your weapon.
  2. Works just like a cleric’s prayers, just a modified prayer list and different rules for replenishing in camp.
  3. If you can invoke prayers, meaning you decide at level 6 whether you can invoke prayers or not and follow that path.

Got it on the first two. The third still isn’t clear to me, though. I took the ability to invoke prayers at L6. I have a choice at L7 to take Deadly Weapons or second circle prayers. If I take Deadly Weapons at L7, but then take Shadow Adherant at L8, am I limited to two slots for first circle prayers only? (Since I didnt’ take second circle prayers at L7.) Or, can I invoke second circle prayers as well, but only have two slots instead of three? Or, if I took prayers at L6, am I committed to taking prayers at L7 & L8?

You can either be a ritualistic assassin or Stabby McStabberton. Gotta choose a path that takes you from level 6 to level 8.

Well, poop. First time you’ve disappointed me, Jared. I guess I’ll let it go.

Jk. Makes sense. Thanks for the replies.

One last clarification, though. Does the L7 Shadow Acolyte add a second slot, so that the Assassin can invoke one First Circle prayer and one Second? Or does she have a choice to one or the other?

Nope. Second slot is L8.

Got it. Thanks again.