The Whispering Deck

(Lester Ward) #1

I suppose this is the topic for monsters and magic items, so I might as well post this here for posterity (as all the other links to it are on G+, probably).

The Whispering Deck is my take on a Dungeon World style deck of many things, built for long term campaign play. It’s based on a strange deck of cards you can buy in the real world, called the Decktet, by P. D. Magnus.

Both the Wispering Deck and the Decktet itself are Creative Commons.

(Jex Thomas (they/them)) #2

This is interesting, @wordman. Would you be willing to share a little more how it works in play? Maybe situations that came up in playtesting or in your own home group?

(Lester Ward) #3

My playtesting wound up being limited. The group found one of the cards and were starting to learn about it, when the group broke up for unrelated reasons.

I know of at least two games that used it, but I don’t think they ever posted anything about it, at least not to me.

It sounds like you have specific questions, though?

(Jex Thomas (they/them)) #4

Maybe? I think I need to read through it more to get a better feel. Sometimes it takes me a while to grok rules as written, and examples of use-in-play are a bit more accessible to me. Thanks for the response, and I’ll definitely let you know if/when I have specific questions.

(Lester Ward) #5

One thing to keep in mind as you are reading. To the extent that the entries want play to go a certain direction, the primary tool for doing so is by creating incentives, rather than just saying directly saying “do this”. This can make some of the write-ups sound a little strange.

As an example, the powers that activate when accumulating certain cards are intended to create a constant acceleration in accquiring cards. That is, the more cards you gather, likely the faster you will find more. This isn’t spelled out explicitly, but if you squint a little, you guess how some of the powers would have that effect in play, just by being available.