The Whodunit conflict


i allways wanted my players to be in the position of figuring out a crime. This works really badly with the GM-Turn concept.
Last night it hit me to do it as a conflict.
The goals would be fairly easy
Patrol: find out who did it
Perpetrator: get out of here before they find me (or something like this)

Main skills would be Scout (looking for clues/chasing someone) and Circles (finding the right people and talking to them)
Alternate skills could be Scientis (CSI-Lockhaven) and ??? Deciver? Administrator?

I was thinking of
Att - Scout, Circles
Def - ?
Man - Scientist
Fei - ?

Would this work? I think you would have a bit more of roleplaying in each action as you talk to the people.
The enemy wouldn’t roll his own skills i think. I was more aiming at a challenge rating for the case (3-5 depending on what is at stake)

Any ideas for weapons?
To encourage roleplaying and interactions with the circled NPCs maybe:
Naming who you interrogate +1s with Circles

but no other ideas…

Any other ideas on how to do a murder or thievery mystery with Mouse Guard or does it simply fail?

sounds good :smiley: but working out disposition would be hard…

you could run it like normal session

GM turn

ob1 -> find a person with info about the crime, find evidence (circles, scout etc…)
twists - could have animal attack disrupt whole town, local townsguards get in the way, criminal gang hear about you snooping etc… weather shifts and everyone goes into hiding/lockdown

ob2 -> interrogate suspect - run it like an argument conflict
conditions (angry obviously) + others

player turn, if they want to spend checks to complete mission, they will have to either find other suspects, or interrogate them, like in the GM turn, or use science to investigate evidence etc…

dont allow a “find the criminal” test, make them work for it or make it multi test with combos of the above


but i gota say i like the idea of the CSI mice :smiley: might have to borrow that!

Yeah, i know i could do it in Mouse Guard but it wouldn’t really work that well. This is not what MG does good.