The Wizard. Dagger only?

Howdy! Long time lurker, first time poster.

Love this game and I’m excited to play it, but there’s something I’m curious about. What is the rational behind the Wizard only being able to use a dagger?

I would think a quarterstaff would be pretty traditional, but it’s not even included as a possible choice for any class.

I’ve been trying to work it out. Maybe it’s because the Wizard casts spells and therefore needs the dagger for spell components, more hand movement freedom etc, but the elf can cast spells too, and the cleric can have a mace and shield and do their own spells.

What are the community’s thoughts on this?

When I get to the book, I’ll check the gear stuff. But a staff isn’t a weapon in TB, as I recall. You use a staff to walk. :wink:

Also, the better question would be, why do various iterations of d&d allow a wizard to use a quarterstaff? It doesn’t strike me as a very simple weapon to use. They might have a magical staff, but if I had a magical staff I wouldn’t want to be swinging it at people’s heads, and even if I did, I’d probably be using it more as a club or improvised weapon than as an actual martial quarterstaff.

Hi Ogrebeef! The idea of a magician using a staff as a weapon is actually a relative latecomer to D&D. In Original D&D (the little brown books) and later in Basic D&D, magic-users only got to use daggers. Those were our inspirations, so magicians only get to use daggers.

I was not aware of that! Guess I’m not as old school as I thought. :slight_smile:

Thank-you for the info!