Theurge Level 6 benefit: Increate

Increate: The imprimatur of the Immortals resonates through you. Increase your Precedence by 1. Add +1 to town events rolls for settlements allied with you (and subtract -1 for those opposed to you). In addition, add +1 to camp events rolls in ruins and near town.

I can’t work out how you become allied or opposed with a town.

I feel alliance/opposition has to directly relate to your Immortal patron, about them resonating through you. So it doesn’t seem enough to just be a high level (level 6 or higher) deadbeat causing trouble and not paying their debts in a town.

I wonder if there’s something missing in the core rulebooks. Since it’s a level benefit, it seems like it needs to be the core rules, rather than in the Lore Master Manual.

The only thing close I can find is the cult uprising town event for a Religious Bastion pg 296?

Cult uprising. A new sect rises up to claim the bastion. Members of the risen temple all count the bastion as their homtown going forward. All other temple memberships are voided as the priests are turned out. Roll for the Immortal cult who rises to the top.

If this is relevant, I don’t see anything about the alliances and oppositions of the Immortal Lords. If opposition just means not the same Immortal Patron, then it seems a very unlikely to ever get that bonus. Also, most towns would just never be allied or opposed, so half of the ability would rarely see play.

Am I missing something?

How would you make an alliance with a settlement?

So it’s invoked as fictionally appropriate and there is no guidance in the rules. Cool.

Nothing comes to mind personally, but maybe it’ll be fine in play. I grok allying with a person. So ally with someone who speaks for the whole town or with enough folks to essentially count as allying with the whole town.

It felt like something was missing because it seems so similar to other rules that are spelled out. So I went hunting but came up short.

You’re not the first to ask but it’s so powerful an ability that if I define it, I’ll have to cut it. That’s counter-intuitive, but the fuzziness means that players will have to work for it a bit and thus cut back on the power.


Right! That makes sense. So the player must find a way to ally with a town just as the GM must bring the town’s disfavour into play when it’s deserved.

I guess it‘s just not clear that’s your intention, so I didn’t grok how to use it.

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