Theurge Questions

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I Asked on the KS list about the paladin and was informed the paladin is now the Theurge.

While creating a character for practice, I noted that the theurge cannot wear leather armour to begin with. I read the iconic Theurge Ulrick and he is wearing leather on his inventory. Is that a mistake or should the Theurge start out with Leather Armour?

Second, do sacramentals have to be specific to the ritual or are they general?

Third, does Immortal Burden take effect before or after the Ritual is enacted?

Addendum: Can small sacks that are full be carried in a slot on the belt or are those carried only?


Hi there Fernando,

  1. Looks like you’ve found a bit of errata. The character creation section says the urges get the ability to wear leather, helmet, and use a shield at 1st level, but the level benefits contradict that. I believe the level benefit is correct. You need to take the Militant benefit to wear armor.

  2. Sacramentals are specific to one invocation.

  3. Burden is the result of a ritual, so after.

  4. Full small sacks are carried or take up 3 slots in your pack (2 for the contents and 1 for the sack).


Can you still take Sacramentals for Invocations that don’t have an example listed?

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