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It would be okey to make a linked test for Orienteering, Hunting or Foraging and Forte to represent a Journey?
The Forte base Ob would be 1 and it would modified by the same Distance, Terrain, and Time factors for Riding to Travel found on page 533 of the book (plus disadvantages from previous tests, if any) and failing it would imply a Tax to Health.

Generally I apply tax as a consequence for failure on a traveling test. The task here isn’t not getting tired, it’s successfully finding safe passage, food, and whatever other skills are involved. If they’re say, traveling night and day without rest, I’d definitely call for a forte test though. If it’s a matter of a long journey, it might be a health test instead.

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In that case, do you use Orienteering as the last link in the Test Chain?

I would probably do forte/health last, since I usually set those Obs high, and have the margin of failure be tax. It also depends on what’s more interesting as a failure. “You’re too tired to get to the cool dangerous place” vs the more interesting “you get to the dangerous place and you’re completely exhausted”. But if the goal is to get somewhere safe, I might flip it, and leave them stranded and exhausted in the wilderness

Roll Random Encounter! :stuck_out_tongue:


hahahahaha, no please!

Anyway, thanks for the advice folks!
In the situation I am thinking of, I do not put at risk whether the characters arrive or not at their destination, but how they arrive (tired, hungry, on time) but I will seriously consider that the whole trip can be covered with a single test (Orienteering maybe) FoRKed with other pertinent skills (Hunting, Foraging, etc).

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If there are a bunch of characters all doing things (hunting, foraging, etc.), help is obviously also a good way to make everyone feel involved. Sometimes simpler is better


Yes, I was planning to make one of the characters do all the tests with the help of the others, except in the Forte test at the end.

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