This Time It's War

Vasquez: Let’s ROCK!

Oh, man. This game is so much fun!

Thanks for posting, Thor!

Can’t wait to play this again.

Also, I heard a rumor that Mr Sorensen has more secrets to divulge…


My god.

Missing Marine Nature Questions.

Human Marine Nature Questions
When you are off-duty, do you party and live it up because life is short or do you train and prepare for your next mission?
• If you live it up, increase Nature by 1.
• If you train and prepare, take the Dedicated trait at level 1.
When your mission gets into some real pretty shit, do you complete the mission no matter the cost or do you bug the fuck out of there?
• If you bug the fuck out, increase Nature by 1.
• If you complete the mission, take the Best Job in the World trait at level 1.
Do you let everyone around you know what you think of this chickenshit outfit or do you button up and take it all as it comes?
• If you let everyone know what you think, increase Nature by 1.
• If you button up, take the Motivated trait.

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