Human Warrior – Thonan

Will : 4
Health: 4
Fighter 4, Hunter 3, Commander 2, Rider 2, Mentor 2, Orator 2,
Survivalist 2*,
Trait: Thoughtful
Wise: desert-wise
Nature 5
Circles: 3
Resources: 1
Parents: Roran and Kathran
Enemy: Soris (Traveling Merchant/Magician)
Weapons: Sword
Armor: Fur (Leather)
Home: Remote Village
Gear: Fur armor (leather) sword, pouch, jug (of wine)
Belief: Sorcerer’s cannot be trusted.
Instinct: Always attack a magician
Goal: TBD
Alignment: Chaos

Thonan hails from the Uncivilized North which has experienced a crippling catastrophe. There the once mighty nations of the World lived. Now it is just a collection of desert nomads viaing for control over the desiccated corpses of the cities.

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Oh man that Instict is going to get you into so much trouble.

You’ve got an easy Goal here. Something about women and lamentations.

oh yes! easy goal indeed!

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