Thoughts on "Goblins"

In lieue of a) having a regular gaming group and b) having access to a Codex yet, I’ve been thinking about a setting.

I kind of want to have “mystic races” more like the Seelie/Unseelie court than only the strict Tolkien-esque stuff stock BWG has. Think Jareth the Goblin King, maybe.

My initial thought was to straight off reskin Elves, Orcs, and Trolls (and probably Roden as well) as “goblin” peoples, which lead to thinking I could easily just burn up humans with Fey Blood traits to give them horns or antlers or useless bat wings (flap-flap), which in turn lead me to realizing that as long as they don’t have die-trait type effects, stuff like weird skin color or antlers are effectively just 1-pt cosmetic traits.

Has anybody else done this? I know there was a character example (in the MonBu, maybe?) where someone wanted to be like a half-lizard-man guy, and there is the ‘Mischief’ monster/faerie (definitely in MonBu), but aside from that, no other immediate examples are occurring to me.


For men, the burner recommends using free character traits to differentiate cultures, and I see no reason why that couldn’t encompass more fantastical traits.