Through treachery and technicalities of Dwarven law, a once proud family now serves in the thrall pits under the noble halls of Claw Mountain. One ambitious son has made his escape from the laborer gangs, to seek his fortune, pay his family’s debt, and once again carve the family runes in the Great Hall of the Mountain Jarl.
Name: Thrallson (“slave-son”; his true name is forbidden)
Age: 35
Stock: Dwarf
Class: Adventurer
Hometown: thrall pits of the Dwarven Halls
Alignment: Lawful

Will: 3
Health: 5

Armorer 2
Dungeoneer 4
Fighter 4
Orator 2
Scout 2
Laborer 3

Wises: Dwarven Chronicles-wise, trap-wise

Nature 5
Revenge at any cost. Fear of what lies beneath. Born to craft.

Traits: Born of Earth and Stone, Cunning

Head Slot: Helmet
Neck Slot: runetorc, worn reversed to hide the family name until his day of victory
Torso: Leather Armor, backpack
Backpack: oil flasks (4), rope, preserved rations (2)
Hand (Worn): -
Hand (Carried): Lantern
Belt: pouch: tinderbox
Belt: Sword
Belt (Skin): Waterskin (full)
Feet: shoes

Circles: 3
Friend: Nordri Stonewright
Famly: Thrallmadhr, father, Thrallkona, mother
Self-forged, no mentor
Enemy: Austri, Jarl of Claw Mountain. May his name be crushed to dust.

Belief: “Wise is the Dwarf who watches for treachery at every twist and turn.”

Instinct: Always inspect for faulty construction when entering a new location.

Thrallson, through the eyes of my 13 year old son.

Thumbs up.

I look forward to the day when Thrallson reclaims his name! Or when he whispers it to his companions with his dying breath.