Threadcromancy: The Worst

Happy 2019 update: These features are built into the new forums! I’ll never have to split a thread again!

I know it seems silly and all, but threadcromancy (replying to long dormant threads) is no fun. Y’all don’t see it, but invariably when it happens, at least one person replies and then deletes their post once they’ve realized it. It can open old wounds, or just confuse newbies when you dig up old BWR threads or something. Sometimes the original posters are long gone from these shores. Rarely does it go anywhere productive.

It’s not feasible to auto-lock all threads, so when it does happen I manually split the thread. But you can do it yourself! Just hit “reply with quote”, copy that text, and go start a new thread. The quote links to the original post, so context is not lost. If you do that, give yourself a high five and pretend I did it. Because I totally would.

Thanks you for your time,

Your Friendly Neighborhood stormsweeper

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Now watch someone reply to this thread after it sets dormant for a couple of years.

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Setting my 3 year timer.

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Maybe it’ll just be that every single time an old post is reanimated, someone helpfully reminds everyone that that’s not okay by posting here?