Three Burials of the Mad Lich (Bank Heist - Road Movie - Tomb of Horrors)

So these are the GM notes I jotting down for a Tomb Of Horrors for google hangouts using Torchbearer.

Three Burials of the Mad Lich
(Bank Heist - Road Movie - Tomb of Horrors)

There are actually four tombs. The first three are false ones. The forth is the One. Treat each tomb as an escalating heist job with all the messiness and backstabby motives (Personal Business, Find Work, etc all these will tie to the tombs).

Getting to each tomb is always a journey requiring some sort of simple obstacles to set the tone.

Determine the location of each tomb separately and then smack the PCs around with Obstacles
1 The highest hill on the Plains of Rios
2 Island on the far side of Middarmark
3 In the Great Expanse, desert of the North
4 Near the ruins of Oasis
5 East of Middarmark in the Drowning Swamp
6 On an island in the Middle of the Wine-Dark River

The first tomb should only have a single Conflict (demi-lich at the end), everything should be simple Obstacles (i.e. skill checks and what not) with a few Complex Obstacles, see map of tomb 1.

The second tomb steps this up. And so on until the forth tomb with no simple Obstacles and a whole lot of Conflicts and Complex Obstacles.

Map of Tomb 1 coming tomorrow with Obstacles and such

Can’t wait!

Working on it!!! got distracted by the PhD. Hopefully tonight.

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Here is the really rough draft. Better version coming shortly.


Should print just fine on 8.5 x 11.