Three Satchels

Somebody has to ask, so I will. Can I wear three satchels? There doesn’t seem to be anything that says that one cannot, but it also seems cheaty to do so.

From page 18: “Choose whether you will carry a satchel or backpack.” Sounds to me like you can only carry one.

Sure, at character creation, it’s one or the other, but if that were binding, you’d never be able to swap out your satchel for a backpack, or backpack for a satchel.

I can accept that, if it’s the rule (because why would you ever choose a backpack over two satchels?), but I can’t find where it actually says that, and it seems like it will come up.

I was thinking the same thing about satchels. I don’t see any particular reason to tell players they can’t have two or three satchels, though, but I think I’d give them the same factors as having a backpack if they have more than one. And with three I might also apply the factor for being encumbered by a large sack. That feels appropriate, though it isn’t clear what’s canon, to me at least.

That was my immediate thought as well. “Yeah, you can carry two satchels, but that becomes a factor in Fighting & Dungeoneering”. Maybe carrying a third requires a laborer test because it’d be so cumbersome.

All the better for goblins to hold on to!

… and rip open

Satchels only have 3 slots, so even if you had 10 satchels you couldn’t stuff in an item that took 4 slots.

Wearing more than one satchel is a pain. I’ve tried it in real life. Also: snatchel.

Ok, here we go.

Page 35: “Your character may carry a backpack or a satchel.

Not super-definitive, but good enough for me to point to.

So, it looks like Page 35 is what the character can choose to start with. Can they start with two satchels? I’d say no.
If they find a second one later? Great, go ahead and use it. Backpack is still the only way they’d be able to get 4 slots or more items packed though.

I may or may not bother with a factor when it comes to other stuff, depending on how the second (third?) one gets in the way. Hell even a persuader test may have a factor against it.

“So, you say you’re an experienced adventurer? Why do you have 3 satchels? That’s weird.”

No, that’s page 18. Page 35 is just “Inventory”. Under the heading of “Backpacks and Satchels”, it says, “Your character may carry a backpack or a satchel.”

Language being what it is, it’s still not the clearest, but in context it seems like you can only carry one. It’s doesn’t say “backpacks or satchels”, for example.

To carry more, I’d probably require some kind of Labor roll, though I’m not sure at what Obstacle.

I can’t imagine a character wearing more than two. (practically)

Here is a two satchel cheater: Knew a guy that would wear one, apparently they are fairly functional.

I can’t see him setting it down at moment’s notice though. They are more like saddle bags for people. :slight_smile:

The 3rd one would, I guess, be attached across his back on that main harness. But, again, it would be much more akin to a backpack, functionally.

EDIT: FWIW, reading this thread induces the urge in me to burn these forums to the ground. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve already had a player ask if they could have one backpack on their back and another on their chest.


That was pretty much my reaction.

I’ve done that in real life. (Child in the front pack, gear in the back.) Forget fighting. Fine for riding, tho’.

Actually, paratroopers effectively do that, too, and more. Reserve chute up front, along with field kit, and primary chute on the back. If dropping with full field kit, it’s slung beneath the main pack (and dropped 10’+ below before landing.

Sure, why not? Just use each backpack as a factor in Dungeoneering and Fighting. And make sure they have to do both. There’s no way they’ll make the Dungeoneering roll to squeeze through a tight spot, and the backpacks ripping open and spilling their gear everywhere is a great Twist…

I would think of those baby carriers as a satchel. Or was this a toddler? I’ve seen people wear a sizable 3-year old on the front, a full camping pack on the back, hiking up a mountain. Legs. Of. Steel.

In any event there isn’t even torso slots for two backpacks. That’s why you can wear 2 backpacks, it is called Laborer Test. :slight_smile: Call it a Hauling Items:chests & boxes, I guess?

A baby carrier would have been great for the goblin baby in our D&D game. Or the kobold baby in our Torchbearer game. This is why I don’t like to play with ladies. #maternalinstincts