Thrysen the Raging Tide, Elf Ranger

Name: Thrysen the Raging Tide
Stock: Elf
Class: Ranger
Age: 60
Home: Ruined wreck of the ancient wizard Gelwain’s mighty ship Silverwing, in the room at the top of the immense mast that still stands above the sharp rocks that skirt the shores of Eagledawn Kingdom. (Wizard’s Tower)
Raiment: A long cloak roughly stitched together from the silver-gray skins of sharks, with tough, dried kelp as the thread. Held on with a lobstershell broach. Wears no shirt under this, just scars, but took a leather pair of trousers from the pirates who rescued him. Light hair is wildly unkempt and encrusted with salt.

Parents: None
Mentor: None
Friend: None
Enemy: Siltos, God of the Storms, who threw me from my home in the clouds and flung me into the sea when I was a mere baby.

Level 1 Ranger
Alignment: Chaos

Belief: I will live like the sea – capriciously, with no care for others, consuming all I desire.

Goal: I will tame one of the temple’s sacred crocodiles and keep it as a pet and guardian. (Not that I’d ever admit it, even to myself, but I’ve been alone for so long…)

Instinct: Always keep a dose of the potion I was taught to brew from blood and seawater by the Kelpforest Rays.

First Born/1

Will: 4
Health: 4
Nature (Elf): 4
Descriptors: Singing, Remembering, Hiding

Circles: 1

Elven Lore-wise

Fighter 3
Arcanist 3
Lore Master 3
Survivalist 2
Scout 2
Scholar 2
Alchemist 2
Manipulator 2
Cartographer 2

Carried: Rope
Carried: Torch
Worn: Cloak (sharkskin)
Worn: Backpack
Worn: (Backpack)
Pouch: Tinderbox
Weapon: Dagger
Skin: Water (X)
Worn: Shoes (rough sandals)
-See Instinct
Spell Supplies
Spell book
(Spell book)
Sack, small
-Rations (preserved)

Wisdom of the Sages
Eldritch Darts
Wizard’s Aegis
(I rolled for these, yes. Looks like I got battlemage spells, which suit him nicely!)

Nothing like making a character to stir up a base and primal need to play this game, right now. I wonder how many of my friends I can convince to get this game, and particularly who I can convince to run it for me.
But I have to admit, all the old frustrations I always had with class-based systems are resurfacing, here. Some of the ways in which my options are limited chafe a bit - particularly in the skills department. Obviously, the system expects me to make a character that fits its concept/premise/whatever, but I still feel like I don’t have as much wiggle room as I want.
Maybe this is just me - I always have the urge to try to do something weird and unexpected. Whatever the limits are, my instinct is to kick on them.

Incidentally, I still don’t know what that potion in his instinct might do. Anyone have ideas?

Dude: Thrysen is awesome. I would love to play the character that he constantly feuds with, until one sticks a knife in the other’s back… :wink:

Here is my rendition of Thrysen. He seemed to ooze a Captain Morgan vibe to me.


I was thinking of him as being more the angry, brooding sort. Prone to fierce outbursts and fits of petty vengence. So whatever’s got him looking so self-satisfied, it’s probably bad news for someone!