Thurinrandir (The Hidden Pilgrim), Elf Ranger

Name: Thurinrandir (The Hidden Pilgrim)
Stock: Elf
Class: Ranger
Level: 1
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Age: 35
Raiment: Rough brown linen clothing. His face is painted half black and half green (Think Two Face from Batman)

Home: Elfland
Parents: I have them, but I prefer to keep my own company
Mentor: My only mentor is songs of the ancient trees
Friend: “I ain’t got time for friends”
Enemy: Gov. Lionel Hughes
Snacks for Group: Chips and Salsa

Belief: Balance must be maintained
Instinct: Always look for tracks

Allies and Additional Enemies:

Will: 4
Health: 4
Nature: 4 (Elf - Singing, Remembering, Hiding)

Circles: 1
Resources: 0

Scout 4
Fighter 3
Arcanist 3
Lore Master 3
Scholar 2
Pathfinder 2
Orator 2

Wises: Elven Lore-wise, Plant-wise
Traits: First Born 1, Calm 1, Loner 1
Spells: Wisdom of the Sages, Supernal Vision, Destiny of Heroes




Brown Fur Handcrafted Gauntlets
Backpack (2)
Cloak (1)
Pouch: Spell Supplies
Dagger (Carried 1)
Skin: Elven Mead (Full)
Brown Fur Handcrafted Boots ( Worn 1)

Backpack Contents:
Rope (2)
Spell Components (2)
Torches 3 (1 slot, as shown in the example character sheet)
Rations, Fresh 3 (1 slot)

Thurinrandir believes in the balance of everything. For every good, there is an evil, and for every evil, there is a good. He strives to maintain the balance of this within the wild as well as within towns or cities.

I’m curious to see how far his commitment to balance goes in game. Is he like the Druids i used to play in 2e, planting a tree in the middle of an adventure for every one my companions cut down?

Yep. That’s exactly how I wanted him. Hardline True Neutral. Save the life of a good man? Let a Murderer go. Plant a Forest? Burn down a Village. Go Go Murder Hobo!


I think you set a good precedent. All loners should post the snacks they retrieved for their group as part of their character.