tiebreaker rolls

i was wondering, can an outside force (different PC) use their traits to break an tiebreaker roll in an opponents favor even if they arent the ones executing the roll? for example if, when trying to find the grain peddler (scout roll) Liem rolls 2 successes and his opponent three, then he spends a fate point and gets another success, he wants to break the roll in his opponents favor, but doesnt have the traits to do it, could his good buddy shane (who is a sharptooth) step in and say “my sharptooth trait allows me to break the tie in the opponents favor because sharptooths grind their teeth, i kept poor Liem up all night and now he is weary and bleary-eyed, he couldnt see the grain peddler even if he was looking at him” or is that wrong and its left up to liem to do a normal tiebreaker roll?

Pg 259: “Traits may also be called upon to impede or interfere with your character’s actions.”

Note that it’s not “Your patrol’s actions” or “another mouse’s actions.” You can’t hose some other mouse and get checks for it (But keep thinking like that and you’ll be a magnificent Burning Empires player someday!)

Maybe if Shane had been helping with the test all along, but even then I think it’s rather suspect.

Sorry mirado, the answer’s no. Traits are for you to use on yourself. We’ve tried this form of play and you’ll have to trust me when I say that it is intensely problematic.


hey thats cool, no harm done