Tiebreaking with a Trait

Hi all. Haven’t gotten to play this yet, but I can confidently say I’ve never been more excited about a game before. One question though: on page 13, we’re told we can “use a trait to break a tie in your opponent’s favor.” Now I’m confused about what happens in a a conflict in which, say, a kobold attacks a dwarf adventurer and our stalwart adventurer defends himself. In the case of a tie and the dwarf decides to break the tie in the kobold’s favor for those sweet, sweet checks, does the kobold then inflict one success’s worth of damage or am I not comprehending conflicts correctly? Much thanks.

I don’t have a page reference, but it should be that the kobold wins the test with one success, like you describe.

It makes sense. I thank you, sir!

I searched the PDF for “tie” and couldn’t find an explanation for what a broken tie means.

My pleasure. I went off my experience with Mouse Guard, but the rule should be the same.

Ties are described in Breaking Ties on page 64. Whenever a versus test comes up tied, the tie must be broken. There are a number of ways to do this, both in your favor and your opponent’s favor. The default is a tiebreaker roll. In a conflict, breaking a tie in your opponent’s favor with a trait is often a very intelligent thing to do, as it essentially gives them a margin of success of 1 (as Daniel noted). The Tiebreaker roll could lead to a much worse result!

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