Time Bandit

I saw Time Bandits for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I was blown away. I loved the aesthetics, the whole idea of time travelling burglars and mainly the time bandits themselves.

So here is my take on the characters. Still no level benefits. What do you think about it? (I’m worried about the Nature questions). Changes?

Time Bandit
Class: Time Bandit
Starting abilities: Distribute 8 points between Will and Health; neither stat may have a rating lower than 2 or higher than 6.

Skills: Criminal 4, Scholar 3, Cartographer 2, Fighter 2, Lore Master 2

Trait: Supreme Being’s Helping Hand
Weapons: Any you can find
Armor: Any you can find

Starting weapons: none
Starting armor: Helmet

Wises: Choose one of the following: Time map-wise or History-wise; Take a second wise of you choice.

Nature descriptors
If you’re a time bandit, write Nature: Time Bandit on your character sheet. Your descriptors are Finding holes, Distracting and Tinkering.

Special Time Bandit Nature questions:
After creation is reasonably developed, would you stay under the Supreme Being’s shadow, trying to win his approval or would you explore the mysteries across time and space, searching for treasure?
[li]If you’d explore, steal and plunder, raise Nature by 1.
[/li][li]If you’d try to stay on the Supreme Being’s good side, you might increase or replace your home trait with Quiet or Thoughtful.
Traveling with a group do you force your way into a leading position? Or would you rather eschew hierarchy altogether?
[li]If you covet the leadership of the group, raise Nature by 1 but lower Persuader or Orator by one if you have those skill, Will if you don’t.
[/li][li]If you don’t like having authority figures bossing around inside the group no ratings change.
Having found a secured and comfortable lot of time and with a modest stash of gold in your sack, would you settle down and live a routine life? Or would you keep on your quest for “The Most Fabulous Object in the World”?
[li]If you keep on jumping through time, no matter the cost, raise Nature by 1.
[/li][li]If you stay behind and try to live a normal life, replace or increase one of your home traits with Loner or Thoughtful.

Stay cool :cool:

Solid, but I might change up the Trait a bit. I don’t know what would evoke that (other than a twist in which the SB arrives, of course!).

That mushroom? Yes, me and my friends made that, its totally edible.”

Dunno, can’t think of any other trait, what would you suggest? I can see players trying to use it all the time, but now I’m doubtful of its usefulness.

Stay cool :cool:


Ah, OK, I hear you now. Sounds more like a Wise to me (in a Wise’s usage as a way to inject setting material, rather than as a call-on). That second Wise for a time bandit could be tapped for that sort of shtick (e.g., Flora-Wise… heh, or Fjords-Wise, to riff on Douglas Adams).

Jared’s suggestion rocks, and is easy to ping both ways.

Might I suggest Bumbling? That could be a great one, both in a positive (I trip just as the arrow flies where my head used to be) and a negative (I trip and fall on the arrow) invocation.

But that’s mere quibbles. I’d play one! :slight_smile: