Tiny trick for elvish timescales

Jared’s penance (https://www.burningwheel.com/forum/showthread.php?15253-Prayers-for-Druid&p=148691#post148691) reminded me.

A while back our adventurers camped in the forest and found an unexpected ally. They found an otherworldly elvish treepath thing that would let them go somewhere they wanted to be pretty fast, but it was all elvish-like and would be hard to navigate. Luckily a friendly elf was about to make the journey and would accompany them! But they didn’t want to go quite yet, having some business back in town.

Elf: “I will wait for you a short time, but then I must go.”
Party: “Um, how long? We’re not ready to go yet!”
Elf: “For a year and a day I will wait. Return within that time and I will accompany you.”