So me and my brother have just started playing Mouse Guard (one-ish session) and this is our first RPG ever, so I don’t think we are really good. Any tips for both GM and PC?

Well you’ll find dozens of tips in all of the threads in this forum for general advice. If you want more specific feedback, you should post up your characters and what happened during your first session and we can advise from there.

We love to help new players have fun with the game so give us much info as you can and we’ll do the same.

Yeah, so I would post it (but I don’t have the info handy) and also I feel like it was just wrong, because I haven’t RPed before so I don’t have any reference points…I’ll post back with the session later.

If you had fun, you didn’t do to bad. If it was at least amusing enough to try for better, and something resembling a story occurred, you’re not off by too much.

How about this to start you thinking about it: Did you ever reach a point where you weren’t sure what to do next? Not game-mechanics-wise, but like … procedurally. Like, the GM describes a situation, you describe how you want to deal with that situation…and then you don’t know what to do next.

Did that ever come up?


Well I was the GM, but there were time when I had to really stop and think about what would happen next…I think I’m not actually cut out for GMing…Any ideas to get rid of this?

Practice. Seriously, happens to even the best of us from time to time.

Absolutely agree.

Was that your first time playing a table-top roleplaying game ever? If so, don’t give up! Everyone has rough days and, especially when you first start, you need to get used to the system and the players (as players).

Best thing you can do is ask for feedback: What worked? What felt slow and unwieldy? What was your favourite moment? Least favourite? Overall, did you all have fun? If not, what was missing this time that could be added/introduced to make it fun for you next time?

Also, don’t forget to just go with what you think is fun. I get stuck all the time and I have to remind myself, “The rules are telling me I need a cool twist, what would be the most fun thing here now?”

Use your player’s Belief, Goal and Instinct as inspiration. Use stuff that directly triggers those elements.

Yeah I’m getting it more from reading these forums and reviewing the book. I also found someone else to play with, so it will actually be a patrol instead of one guard mouse. I’m really looking forward to it.