Titles Question

I’m curious about the Titles rules in the Resources chapter. Does the 1D increase to Resources stem from increased prestige and reputation (such as knights being paid more for duty than squires) or does the increase stem from a gift of land or a salary which goes along with the new title? If the latter, would the character receive additional dice in the form of a fund (the land or office salary in question) or would this be way too much in the way of reward?

The reason I’m asking is that in medieval times such titles and gifts of land or cash went hand in hand.

Those middle ages, they were complicated.
We’d like to think that a grant of title came with land and title and land brought riches and wealth.
But often a title came without land. And sometimes, land that was given was a burden and dragged down the family charged to maintain it.
So I’d say that any Resource bump from a title comes primarily from prestige.