Too much fate, need a hack


Our group has too much fate. I’ve read the advice on using more scripted encounters or being more stingy on fate, but I’m not interested in those.

I’d like to solve this problem with a more powerful fate spending mechanic. Have y’all tried any or had any luck with any?

I’m considering adding 2 fate to get an extra die, but can’t be combined with persona. Thoughs?

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After thinking on it, I’ve got a solution I’m happy with and will bring to playtesting next:
You can spend fate before your roll to open end it.
If you do so, you can spend after the roll, like normal, to reroll one traitor die.

Out of curiosity, would the re-roll be open-ended? Standard Luck re-rolls aren’t (p.66), but obviously a hack can go either way.

I’m planning to experiment with 3 options!

Not being open ended (the default)
Being open ended
And being able to spend fate to open end rerolled traitors

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