Toolkitting and suplement publishing

Hi All.

Once I have a better player level understanding I’m interested n bringing my two house settings to BW and/Or TB. Two questions:

(1) What docs and supprot are available for such projects? Are there specific supplements I should have like the Codex?

(2) What is BWHQ policy on distribution of third party materials. I know that legally, as long a I don’t violate copyright on your stuff, its clean. Im more interested in ethically what would the creators like to see?

Torchbearer specifically has an open license in commercial and non-commercial flavors.

Burning Wheel doesn’t have anything formal (to my knowledge) but people do custom lifepaths and mechanics all the time. Whether or not they’re fair game to print and/or charge money for is something you’ll want Luke to answer directly, but if it’s free and online you should be okay.

Use the Torchbearer license! Memento Mori and Mordite Press could use a little company.

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