Torch Bearer Master Skill List

It took me almost a whole day of helping my players piece together their first characters before I realized that my copy of the book has an outdated skill list.

Is there either a master list somewhere online, or a single conversation about what skills have been added and removed and why?

I’m not sure what you mean, so I’ll attempt to explain the skill landscape as a whole. But, in my opinion, if you stick to the rulebook (1st or 2nd printing) you’ll be fine.

First, there are the skills listed in the first and second printing of the Torchbearer rulebook. Other than the adventuring skills in the skills chapter, there are sometimes very specific skills like “Blacksmith” or “Apiarist” that belong to NPCs. You can safely ignore them or expand on them as needed. Indeed, you’ll only ever notice them if you’re really examining the NPC statblocks closely.

The Memento Mori books will occasionally add new skills or skill mechanisms. The Enchanter skill is the most important of those, which is featured in the description of the Witch class in Denizens of the Dark.

There is a blog referring to the Sapper skill, which takes some of the trapspringing elements out of the Dungeoneer and puts them into their own class. This is more or less in its playtest stage and should be considered optional.

I’ll add that any confusion about skills can often be tied back to the different skills used in Mouse Guard. Occasionally fan-made materials for TB will emerge that use alternative skill names.

To my knowledge these are the only “changes” I’m aware of, so I can’t see how your skill list would be outdated.


It was mostly just missing skills (stone mason, steward, etc) that were in my book, and sometimes in playtest pdfs, but not always on downloads or character sheets, etc. Wasn’t sure if they were ignored, or folded in to other skills, or possibly replaced with new skills I hadn’t seen.

There haven’t been any skills added or removed in our published material. The character sheet only lists the most common skills adventurers have. Any other skills you pick up (like Carpenter or Stonemason) should be written in using the blank skill spaces.


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