Torch Guard - Mouse Guard Expansion

Hello everyone,

For all the Mouse Guard fans out there, here is an expansion for the RPG on which I have spent hours of work. This book is an unofficial product, but all the content has been meticulously created respecting the Mouse Guard canon and doing a deep research. Both the design and the gameplay ideas have been carefully polished to provide fun and entertainment for those who enjoy Luke Crane and David Petersen’s game. Some rules have been implemented with reference to Thor Olavsrud and Luke Crane’s Torchbearer RPG. This manual is completely free and cannot be sold, it has been created under a creative commons license.

PSD: Any feedback on the rules or mistakes found in the manual will be welcome, enjoy!

The Guard Prevails

Let me know as well if the link dont work.


Hey man, I think this thing is awesome.

I gotta ask you to stick to only presenting the material you’ve developed for the game. You can’t include my work, Thor’s work or David’s work in a creative common license agreement. We didn’t agree to those terms and if I wanted a cc attribution, I couldn’t do it due to the contract we’ve signed with Boom/Archaia. That means anything published in the books, supplement or even on the forums.

I apologize for calling you out publicly on this! I really do love what you’ve done and I hope you’ll do more.

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Hi Luke,

my apologies, I asked David on his Twitch channel about the extension and using his artwork and he said there would be no problem, I guess the problem is using your and David content under a non Archaia license. If I removed the CC license from the game it would be fine? my only intention in using the CC license was to prevent other people from doing business with it. Let me know if you don’t mind whats the best option, It’s been a long time of editing.

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Hi man,
Please remove the CC license from my work. You can read about some of the dangers in messing around with licenses here. You’re putting both of us at risk by mixing copyrighted work with CC licenses.

If David gave you permission to use the art, that’s great.
Please, do post your ideas on the game. I love seeing it. I just ask that you not republish my work—especially in a manner that could be mistaken for you taking credit for it. It’s just a sticky (financially perilous) world out there and I don’t want either of us to get caught in the mess.


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