Torchbbearer Sagas: Denizens of the Dark

Seven Halloween-inspired character classes for Torchbearer, from the mysterious to the malevolent!

The featured classes are:
[li]Death Knight
[/li][li]Mechanical Servitor
[/li][li]Goblin Shaman
[/li][li]Human Skinchanger
[/li][li]Changeling Spy
[/li][li]Dhampir Vampire Hunter
[/li][li]Human Witch

Art is by Todd James and—barring black cats or mummy curses—the PDF will be available on the 26th!

I’m smoothing out my electronic money in anticipation.

Can’t wait…shiver

Guaranteed sale here.

I am intrigued here. Granted won’t be playing Torchbearer for Halloween this year.

Release the bees!

It’s like Christmas for Halloween! Thanks Satan! Er, Santa!

Hey…both of them wear red, can survive extreme temperatures, have minions and know if you’re naughty…

Pretty great stuff. Makes me wish I had waited to make my barbarian. Very nice. (Even liked the price…)

Read through the whole thing last night…

I have to say, as an amateur game designer, I am totally floored by your command of Torchbearer’s systems.

We tried long and hard in this group to fashion rules for construct PCs, to accommodate some legacy Warforged and Modron characters from other settings. The way you handled this with the Servitor was downright deft.

The Death Knight and the Dhampir also have really solid “alternative” condition mechanics. Was the Death Knight inspired by the Dark Souls games, or is that just an incredible coincidence?

Anyway, my only complaint is that this release undercuts some things I was designing myself, and you did the better. There is a mix of joy and shame.

It helps that I have Thor chained to my work table.

The Servitor was the first character that I finished and was pretty easy to handle. I used an earlier design as a template (Synthetics from the USCMC supplement Luke and I wrote awhile back). The hardest part was coming up with a name!

Never played Dark Souls—more inspired by Warcraft than anything else. “Undead champion” kinda designs itself.

Yeah, well, we demand the release of the Synthetics too.

I’ve got a Colonial Marines campaign waiting on it because one player demands to be one. And frankly, it’s an integral part of that setting.

Chop chop!

Seriously, keep it up. I can’t get enough of your Torchbearer stuff.

It would have been awesome if you could have included my Malmortus Pariah in the DoD expansion. They would have been a perfect fit.