Torchbearer 2e and Earning Checks

I just got my copy of 2e and I’m loving the changes so far. Overall I think 2e feels more open and refined and offers a lot of the broader play our group wanted out of 1e.
The one change that interested me the most was that you can only use each trait against yourself once per session to earn checks. I was wondering if there’s previously been any discussion on the thought process behind this change; it seems like a pretty big mechanical and thematic difference from 1e.
I always thought traits in MG and TB were most useful as tools to get you into trouble–it adds depth to the story and offers you useful rewards in the camp phase.
This change seems to limit their usefulness further and I was just wondering if there’s been any talk of why this was done. I can definitely see how it makes camping (and therefore adventuring) harsher and harder, and I think it evens out the positive and negative aspects of traits. Would love to hear more about this change.


In my experience, the 1e issues were:

  1. A player relying too heavily on only one trait to earn lots of checks
  2. One player in the party earning most of the checks

The 2e change really re-balanced things in my groups so that all the traits and characteristics of the party came out more in play. Some traits like Bold can easily be overused while other traits require more finesse to activate. Before in 1e, I was seeing a player with Bold having 5 checks, one player with one check, and two players having none at all. Now, everyone contributes because they have to.


Koch has it exactly.

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Ha! Yaaas… good for constantly getting in trouble or separated from the party.

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