Torchbearer 2e still under Bits and Mortar?

So, to follow up my own thread, I went ahead and ordered Torchbearer 2e from someplace else (due to the sending cost and the announcement from BWHQ regarding sending speed and filling of orders through the store). I wonder if it’s possible to still get PDFs for the two books (the core set for 2e). I have proof of purchase of course and can show receipts, etc.

If this is possible, who can I contact to try? I looked at the Burning Wheel store and I’m not finding any contact info (at least, I don’t SEE an email address, though I imagine I’m missing it somehow…).

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Hello friend!
We’re glad you’re excited to get your hands on Torchbearer. If you email, Geoffrey and Andy will set you up.

For future reference, you can find the info on our site:

But be warned, it takes 999 days to download our PDFs.


Thanks a lot for that! I will contact immediately!

Just wanted to drop a note of thanks to BWHQ (especially Thor) for sorting out my PDF issue. As always, happy to get my hands on a new game from the crew!

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