Torchbearer Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers

A lot of folks have already made stuff for Torchbearer and shared it with the community. We’re both thrilled and touched by your support.

To facilitate further sharing, Luke and I have put together a plain language term sheet and a super spiffy template with trade dress, to make it easy for you to make beautiful Torchbearer stuff and use the Torchbearer logo.

This is in no way intended to mean you have to stop making and sharing stuff the way you have been. This is just a way to use our logo and trade dress. Additionally, at some point in the near future, we hope to establish a central repository to host all your Torchbearer Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers materials and help fans find them.

Luke and I are incredibly excited about this and we hope you are too!

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Hi Thor,

Is it something special i have to do to use the plain language term sheet (i know it’s a PDF)? I keep looking at it and i can’t find a way to edit the text…or maybe i just can’t!


Layout is not my area of expertise, but it’s actually an InDesign template that you can open and populate. If you’re using some other form of layout software, you should be able to at least grab the graphic elements to use. Hopefully someone here with more expertise can chime in to give you a hand.

I’m excited to hear about what you’re working on!

OK Nice! I think i can work it out myself, it might be just a little longer :). I’m working on something quite big, it will be a pleasure for me to share it when it will be done.