Torchbearer for sale?

I was wondering if the Torchbearer PDF and/or print edition will be on sale. I couldn’t participate in the Kickstarter and hope that wasn’t the only opportunity to buy it.

Yours in fellowship,
Stephen “Trotter”

Hi Stephen! If everything goes as planned, we should have books and start shipping them to backers within the next week or so. As soon as everything is on its way to backers, we’re going to make both books and PDFs available to non-backers!

sparkles of joy

Ahem, don’t mind me.

That’s great news! Can I sign up for an email alert or something?

Congratulations on the Kickstarter, by the way. I feel bad I couldn’t be a part of it, but as a fan of Fate/Dresden Files, Mouse Guard/Burning Wheel, and Savage Worlds, there has a been a crazy amount of these lately. Definitely a great time to be in this hobby.


Just bought the PDF on DriveThru! Any plans to put Burning Wheel Gold up that way? I have the hardback of course, but would love to crack it out on my iPhone.


I’ve got an idea to the never ending question about Burning Wheel PDFs…

Put the preview up on DriveThru as a free item with an explanation on the description page of why the full book is not available.

Might also put up the previews from the other books with explanation of their OOP status and no PDF also…

And all of these PDFs and explanations could be in the BWHQ store also…


The PDFs are up there now (although you have to register):