Torchbearer Game-a-thon June 26-27

Torchbearer Game-a-thon

June 26 - 27, 2021

  • A weekend of international online Torchbearer
  • For Fun and Charity
  • All welcome, whether new to Torchbearer or an old vet
  • Free

Pre-register by June 11 on the Torchbearer Guilded server: Guilded - Chat for Gaming Communities

For a Good Cause

The Game-a-thon is raising funds for the World Central Kitchen

Win a Game with Thor!

Plus, enter a raffle to win a game session with Thor on Saturday, June 26, at 2 pm ET for our charity fundraiser. More details on the Guilded server: Guilded - Chat for Gaming Communities

[MOD Note: Updated Guilded links]


Hey @Koch, these links I’m clicking send me to an error page and tell me the link is private. Is there something I need to do?

If you are on mobile, there is a glitch in the Guilded App.

You will need to use a desktop browser just to join the server, OR if that fails, I can PM you a private, direct link.

Both those links are going to rather than the guilded server.

This is the correct link: Guilded - Chat for Gaming Communities


Thanks for fixing that. Very strange–the links were working on Monday.

Yeah, I’m not sure why they weren’t working correctly. They looked like they were correctly formed when I went to edit your message. Some sort of Discourse glitch, maybe?

Thanks for sharing! Looking promosing :grinning:

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