Torchbearer GM Screen Thoughts

Hello friends,
Do you use the Torchbearer’s GM screen?
If so, lend us your thoughts! What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it?

If you don’t use the TB GM’s screen, you’ve failed your Scout test and earned some sort of horrible twist.
That said, if you were to use such a device, what information would you hope it contains?


I used the GM screen when I played my live game. My favorite thing about it is the turn track at the top. I used tiny clothespins to track light sources and turns. My players knew that as the Blue (Turn Clothespin) approached the Black (Condition Clothespin), they’re in for a new condition. Things I think can be improved: The Conflict Rules on the players side is a bit too “busy”, I think this can be simplified or some of it removed altogether; The art on the GM side seems to waste a lot of space, having the Camp tables there instead, if they can fit, would be worthwhile.

I use it and I like it. The art is cool, but maybe even more tables would be better… but I’m not sure which ones, and I’m really pleased with how much useful information is on there. I love the turn tracker. I put a small binder clip on there and it can be seen from both sides. I like the thickness of the screen, but I wish the whole thing was bigger, even if you just blew up the size of what is already printed on it (as opposed to putting more info on it) to help conceal all of my messy GM papers. That said, I am cheap and I don’t want to pay any more for it, so apparently I want to have my cake and eat it too.

We are eternally using the little text on the bottom left panel that explains when to add things into the roll. If I had my druthers this would be moved up somewhere where you didn’t have to lift the screen/move your notes to see. Bonus points for making a before/after roll with it.

The gear and weapons listings are obsolete for us, since we’ve got our house version that has Jared’s gear on it as well.

People never seem to use the loot tables, either. I’m not sure why. They almost always use the book.

If the screen were bigger, I’d say get the skill factors on there like Mouse Guard 1e had.